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Hi, I'm Caitlin and I am the owner/operator of Creating Life Boutique. Nice to meet you!

The idea of starting a maternity wear boutique crossed my mind when I was pregnant with my daughter in 2018. I was living in oversized clothes, my husbands trackies and anything else that I can get my hands on that will fit! When I was six months pregnant, I decided that I needed some actual maternity wear, particularly for my upcoming baby shower.

Oh. My. Goodness. There was an instant confident boost when I put my first piece of maternity wear on! I had a bump and definition and I didn't feel 'fat' (lets be honest, I was a short woman wearing size 18 women's clothing or size large men's clothing, I felt overweight!)

The idea of starting a maternity wear ecommerce store became more than just an idea in early 2020, just when the world started going sideways. I had just found out I was pregnant again and when I went to buy more maternity wear, there were black and grey clothing. I decided this time I needed more stylish clothing. Clothing that was flattering, bright, vibrant.. just more lively.

Fast forward to October 2020, when we launched our first collection. I was heavily pregnant with my son and a week later, he made his appearance on Halloween. What perfect timing(?)

My goal for Creating Life Boutique was to make mums and mums-to-be feel nice in fashionable clothing! I am a strong believer that when you dress nice, you feel nice. These blacks, greys and stripe just did not cut it for me!

So, why trust me? Because I have been there! I have been pregnant, I doubled my body weight and I had lost my confidence. I want to make sure no one else feels that way.

Our mission is to make pregnancy empowering!

Our clothes are made of stretchy materials to help flatter a woman's baby bump or postpartum belly. Women deserve to have body confidence in any stage of their life, but especially when their body if doing amazing things of growing and feeding a baby!

All of our outfits are breastfeeding friendly and can be worn during pregnancy, breastfeeding stages and afterwards. Our outfits are made to last the whole journey from start to finish!

Our vision is to make women feel confident while pregnant and help them admire their pregnancy and postnatal bodies by creating clothes that are fashionable and trendy.

Creating Life Boutique in run in Adelaide, Australia and by a mum of two young children. Thank you for supporting an Australian small business and a mum who had a dream.



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